National Handbag Day

Didn't know there was a National Handbag Day? You're not alone. Admittedly, we weren't aware of it either, but don't feel bad, there's a reason for that. National Handbag Day has really only been a “thing” for the last three years. It was originally founded by the owners of the popular handbag blog, Purse Blog, just three years ago.

October 10th is officially now known as National Handbag Day. It should be noted that National Handbag Day is not just simple lip service to those who love handbags. It's an actual holiday, and it's even listed in the venerable Chase's Calendar of Events! For those not in the know, Chase's Calendar of Events is a publication that dates back to 1957. Invented by two brothers, the calendar covers everything from special events, holiday and religious observances, historic dates, famous birthdays, and even some observances of a more peculiar nature! The publication has become the unofficial go-to guide for public celebrations, so handbag lovers everywhere can rest assured that their love of a good handbag is officially validated.

What does one do on National handbag Day? Exactly as one might expect! Post photos of your favorite bags from your collection, join an online community of handbag lovers, and of course, treat yourself to yet another handbag!