But, Soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the East, & this cleverly crafted Kate Spade clutch is the sun.” (2.2.2-3) Romeo. Okay, now that the famous Romeo & Juliet quote has just been butchered is anyone curious about what’s in the lovely model’s hands? Is this a clutch or is it a book? Anyone can look studious carrying around a book, but why not be deceiving by carrying a clutch book!

This innovative clutch is designed by Kate Spade. It has printed cotton twill under that nice PVC layer. The clutch is plated lightly with 14 karat gold, and all this sells for $325 on the Kate Spade website. There are plenty of other famous classics crafted into clever clutches in case if Romeo & Juliet is not a favorite. Read the clutch!