While it's true that you have to take little pieces of gossip that might come your way with a grain of salt, there are times to sit up and take notice. Recently, rumors were circulating among handbag collectors; the word on the street was that storied handbag brand, Louis Vuitton, was going to be discontinuing a few of their classic styles. Thanks to the miracle of the internet, we were able to do a bit of research on the matter, and gain a little insight into some of the rumors surrounding the Louis Vuitton discontinuations. Here is what we know.

The Pouchette

The Louis Vuitton Pouchette, a micro mini bag with a friendly price tag for entry-level collectors, appears to be on the chopping block. Normally, it is possible to source any of Louis Vuitton's bags on their website. Recently however, a search for the Pouchette on the website will turn up the message “call for availability”. Not exactly a promise of abundance.

The Monogram Vernis

The rumors that the popular Monogram Vernis is on the way out was a surprising revelation; the logo-embossed patent leather bags have long been a popular offering. However, it seems that there may be a hint of truth in the rumor. Where once the bag was widely available online in a bouquet of colors, there is only a smattering of options left, and one anonymous online source even reports that a Louis Vuitton sales associate told her that there would not be any new color options introduced into the line. While this is far from empirical evidence of discontinuation, we have to admit, it does sound a bit fishy to us.