Handbag Education - Different Types

If this season, you've decided to really splash-out and treat yourself to a new handbag, you may find yourself faced with such a multitude of choices; it may seem a tad overwhelming. It seems that handbag trends these days cover every imaginable shape and size, from small specimens just big enough to fit a lipstick and a credit card, to oversized carryalls large enough for your entire life on the go.

The following guide to three classic styles (in no particular order) can be used as an educational tool and styling guide if you find yourself adrift in a vast sea of handbag choices.

1. The Tote
The typically double-handled, spacious tote bag is probably one of the most utilitarian choices out there. There are options available in everything from leather to quilting, plastic, nylon, canvas, and even recycled materials that will tickle your greener side. Perfect for work, as an airline carry-on, or an overnight bag, this one can be worn with just about anything.

2. The Clutch
What the tote is to utilitarian ease, the clutch is to decorative whimsy. Smaller and (generally) without any kind of strap or handle (hence the name), the clutch is most effectively used as an accent piece to accompany an evening look. Match it, contrast it, or choose something with texture, print, or bling to really set off your look!

3. The Cross-Body
Cross-body bags are making a huge comeback this season and for good reason! Both practical and stylish, the cross-body bag allows you to carry what you need while still providing an air of louche ease to your look. This season, go for styles with contrasting colour blocking, luxe textures, and artesian detailing.