How to Keep The Shape of a Handbag

Yes, we know how it sounds - a lot like one of those infomercial workouts you see on television. However, when it comes to your designer leather handbags, the human rules of staying in shape simply do not apply. Unlike with our bodies, the more you work out a handbag, the saggier its shape is likely to become.

That being said, handbag lovers need not despair. There are a few simple steps that you can do to ensure that your beloved investment bag keeps its youthful figure for years to come. Here, we take a look at a few simple tips that will keep your handbag looking fit.

Stuff It
When you are not using a handbag, it is not enough to just stack it on a shelf or hang it by the handles. Leather bags tend to lie in a heap when empty, and over time, without the proper support, this can change the shape of your bag and create folds in the leather.

To prevent this, before storing any leather bag, empty it completely and stuff it with plain white paper (news and magazine print can be too messy). Stuff the bag just until it maintains its natural shape, then place it inside a dust bag and store it on a shelf in a relatively temperature-controlled area.

Don't Bottom-Out
One of the most common complaints by handbag lovers who have experienced an out of shape bag is that the bottom of the handbag becomes very saggy after a bit of use. To prevent this, never carry anything too heavy for longer than is absolutely necessary. If that is not a possibility, look into something called a purse base shaper.

A purse base shaper is a simple, rigid plastic disc that is cut specifically to the dimensions of your handbag. It rests on the bottom of the bag, giving support to its contents. A quick online search will turn up several options at different price points. Not only do base shapers work to make your handbag easier on the eyes, they also make it a lot easier to find that lost train ticket or tube of lip gloss floating around at the bottom of the bag.