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Body language speaks for all, and is the universal language for humankind. It interprets our intentions, desires, and processes our traits. Did you know that the way you carry your bag can hint at who you are or show how people view you? See what it reveals about you! While there are variable interpretations of each way, below are some fun general pointers I've interpreted from sources.

On Your Arm: You are full of confidence, and like showing off your Princess status. Usually the ultra- professional or fashion conscious love wearing it this way as at this angle their bag is clearly on display to show off to the world.

Within Your Hand (Clutch /Wallet): You are trusting, never expecting the worst, whether it is accidentally dropping it or getting it yanked by a thief. You enjoy being in the spotlight with this status symbol. You are a carefree, relaxed koala.

Grabbing By The Handles: You are an achiever that wants to show the world what you are made of. Or you just simply want to get things done.

Under Your Arm: You are a mysterious sexy ninja who likes keeping things to herself. Literally.

Cross Body: A carefree bird who likes keeping your hands free to multitask. You are an adventurer who’s always keeping things functional and convenient to have room for your fun!

On Your Shoulder - Secured by elbow or hand: You are an assertive queen, your way is the best way.

On Your Shoulder - Swinging freely: You are carefree, high-spirited, and full of sunshine!

On Your Back: You are independent, and prepared to conquer the world in any situation once you set off with your bag.

Below is a fun chart I found on bag holding techniques 

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