Hermes - Birkin - Designer Handbag

A high-end luxury designer handbag can last you quite literally for decades if you choose wisely, and many of them retain quite a high resale value for years afterwards, especially if you keep them in excellent condition. But how does one go about the selection process, when there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options out there to choose from? The following guide can help you in making your selection, ensuring that the bag you choose will see you through into your (very fashionable) future.

Consider The Source
The absolute best place to purchase a high-end handbag is straight from the design house. Not only will you receive the best possible customer service there, but your bag will be guaranteed authentic, and any problems you might have can be resolved by returning to the store.

Examine Several Versions
You are about to make a pretty major financial investment, so make sure that you don't just pick the first bag that works for you. Even if you are 100% certain of which bag you want, examine several different bags of the same make. Check out the fabrication for flaws, examine the linings, the hardware, and straps. Often, there are wide variations with high end bags, especially if they are hand-sewn or sourced from unconventional materials.

Pick a Classic Style
As tempting as it may be to pick the latest, hottest “it” bag, choose something with simple classic lines that will not easily go out of vogue. Save the impulse purchases for more bargain-oriented items.