2015 - 2016 Fall Winter Handbag Trends

Anyone who follows trends in fashion and accessories has probably read an article or two about what your sartorial choices say about you. It seems that handbags in particular are often the focus of much of this kind of analysis. Now, it seems that sociologically-minded fashion watchers have found a new means by which to interpret our style choices; the method by which we carry our handbags.

According to a recent article in Glamour magazine, the way we choose to carry our handbags is like a window into our individual personalities; our bags speak volumes about who we are just by the way they are held, hung, or dangled off of the body. So what is your handbag saying about you while your back is turned? Here, we look at two of the most popular methods of carrying a handbag and what the experts at Glamour tell us it says about you.

In the Crook of Your Arm
If you are inclined to carry your bag in the crook of your arm, your bag may be telling the world that you are brand conscious and status-driven. According to Glamour's experts, carrying a bag this way essentially renders the bag arm useless, showing the world that you have no need to use both of your arms. Additionally, carrying your bag this way gives all other brand and status-conscious people a good look at your designer bag.

There are apparently a few variations on the cross-body theme. If you carry your bag cross-body resting in front of you, your bag functioning as a piece of armour; telling the world you're a cautious person and to step-off and give you some space. Carrying the bag cross-body resting behind you indicates a bolder, more confrontational personality who is goal-oriented and more concerned with the functionality of her bag.