As some great fashionista once said, “there’s no accounting for taste.” While we here at our blog firmly believe in finding your own unique voice when it comes to expression through fashion, there are certain things that are just...beyond. Here, we take a look at two of our favorite (or perhaps we should say least favorite) questionable handbags.

Head Hand Bag (2008) by Yael Mer

If you can say anything about this creation by Israeli artist Mer, it's that this handbag is quite literally a head turner. We're not sure if it's the plain burlap sack, the drawstring closure, or just the face itself, but this is a handbag that evokes the bloody carryings-on of an episode of Game of Thrones.

The Philippine Souvenir Frog Purse

In addition to being ethically questionable and an out and out Customs and Immigration nightmare, this giant Philippine bullfrog purse is also undeniably hideous. A quick search of the internet reveals that this is actually a very common souvenir that is available in many shops throughout the Philippines. According to one website that sells these souvenir purses, the body of the purse is 100% pure bullfrog leather, and the “eyes are made of plastic. There is no smell and it is very dry. It can be a gift to somebody who loves leather. It could also be a surprised gift. They are fun. Be sure you take videos and pictures of the receiver of this gift.

Cameras at the ready indeed. You're going to want to capture that moment of pure, organic wonder.