We've long held the belief that in the veritable sea of handbag options that exist today, there is no one bad as consistently underrated as the simple canvas beach tote. This longtime staple of summer is sturdy, comes in a variety of designs, and in its largest permutation can easily double as a laundry basket or storage hamper.

With the beach season well underway, we thought it was time to share our favorite stylish and serviceable canvas beach bag options that over the years have come to enjoy iconic status.

The LL Bean Canvas Boat and Tote

This canvas LL Bean tote is perhaps the most iconic of the bunch. Available in a variety of sizes and depths ranging from tiny to gianormous, this classic canvas tote with reinforced handles comes in several handle color options, zippered or unzippered, and even is customizable with monogramming. Originally created for yachtsmen and women to transport their goods to their boats, over the years the LL bean Boat and Tote has transcended its many uses to become a bit of a preppy fashion staple.

The Duluth Pack Deluxe Market Tote

Duluth Pack is one of those distinctly American brands that have been around for a very long time. Originally founded in the 1800s in Duluth Minnesota, the brand built its reputation on making high-quality canvas backpacks, wagon covers, and later on, shell bags for hunters. They are still going strong, with everything still made in the USA, and lifetime warranties are offered on all of their bags, making them a truly unique entity in this day and age. With that in mind, this roomy Market Tote may very well be the very last beach tote you'll ever need.