Chanel - Rainbow Boy Bag

If you are a sucker for the classic Ivy League-inspired sartorial influence of American Prep, this is the post for you. Summertime always is the perfect time to trot-out the seersucker, Madras plaid, pastel and candy-hued shades in every imaginable color of the rainbow. After all, at any other time of the year, a pair of pink and green plaid trousers or a bright coral lobster-printed skirt might seem absurd, but for some reason the temperatures rise and it becomes exactly what we need.

At long last, even those of us who may not boast the confidence to sport a pair of Nantucket red trousers with a mint green shirt can partake in a bit of summertime color, thanks to good old Uncle Karl over at Chanel. Chanel recently debuted the Rainbow Boy Bag at their Chanel Cuba Cruise 2017 show. It was staged in Havana - a monumental event for the fashion world, and the first of its kind for a major luxury brand in Cuba. By all accounts, the Rainbow Boy bag was one of the stars of the show.

While pictured above is the mini version of the bag (which sadly was a one-off and is not available to the general public), Chanel has decided to put both the medium and large-sized versions into production. However, Chanel only makes a limited number of seasonal bags like this, so customers who may be interested in these colorful bags are probably going to have to join the quickly-growing waiting list. Judging from the overwhelming response so far, the supply of these bags will definitely not meet the demand, so if you've got to have it, get yourself on that waiting list. Sooner is probably better than later.

The medium sized bag will retain for $4,500, and the large sized bag for $4,700.