Pet Carriers Handbags

If you're the type who dislikes the never-ending trend of carrying your small dog around like an accessory, you're in good company. Many of us are of the mindset that a dog is a dog, no matter what the size, and carrying it around with you all day not only prevents it from being a dog, it also just seems very...Marie Antoinette.

However, even those of us who fall into the diehard pet carrier-avoider camp will at some point probably find ourselves having to transport one of our furry friends from hither to yon, whether it be canine, feline, or otherwise. We've scoured the net in search of a few fashion friendly options that we think even the most steadfast of pet carrier handbag opposers will love.

The SoHo Pet Carrier $209.99
One of the most fashionable options out there, the SoHo Pet Carrier has the classic styling of a buttery-soft leather hobo bag, with all of the pragmatic details of a sensible pet carrier. Crafted from animal-friendly synthetic leather, this pet carrier has a padded interior for pet safety and comfort, a removable foam pillow, an interior pet safety strap, and padded handle grips for ease while carrying your precious cargo.

The Zack and Zoey Quilted Dog Carrier $70
This classic quilted carrier invokes images of a certain French couturier whose handbags have price tags well into the quadruple digits. This classy teal synthetic leather carrier has mesh panels on both ends for ventilation, self-locking zippers, an interior collar clip, and a removable berber mat. The best part, it's budget friendly at under $100!