It is extremely repetitive of me to blog about watches, but you must must must check this one out. It will put those nasty grills you used to see in the mouths of rappers to shame. In fact, there should be a rap song about this watch! Okay, how about the rapper sporting this watch? Who would dare wear this watch? It’s is sooo incrusted with golden paved crystals that it’s practically impossible for the sun to ever go down. Trying to figure out the time on this too textured watch would be extremely difficult because the genius who designed it made the dials the same color as those tiny little lumps of gold that covers the entire face. Brilliant! So where did the watch go? The actual function of a watch is lost under all those crystals.

I highly doubt anyone can spot the brand of the watch in this picture. Thanks a lot genius watch designer. Well, in case if this is actually appealing to somebody, it is a Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Camille Three-Hand Glitz Watch. Might I point out that the name of the watch is also obnoxious in length. The case is 4.4 mm, and it has a deployant buckle closure. Where to find it? This blindingly iced out watch can be found in practically any department store. I have gotta give props to the daring or stylishly gaudy ones. Dan outz!