Louis Vuitton - Eye Trunk iPhone 7 Case Monogram

Louis Vuitton - Eye Trunk iPhone Case

We almost feel like a bit of a broken record with this news; iconic design house, Louis Vuitton, has once again created an accessory that has the fashion cognoscenti clamoring over each other to add to their respective collections. What is perhaps the most surprising part about this headline is that it's not what you might expect. It's not another Speedy bag, or a new launch of that old standby the Neverfull tote...no, this time the big news coming from Louis Vuitton is much, much smaller.

After much anticipation, the iconic brand has launched not another handbag, but their new iPhone case...created to look like one of their iconic steamer trunk logo cases.

They're calling it the Eye-Trunk case (which according to our friends over at Purse Blog is likely because apple has exclusive rights over any product name with the small “i” in front of it), and it has been burning a hole into many a fashionista's wish list this season. Right now, the Eye Trunk case is only available for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and in three different versions of their classic monogram pattern.

But let's get down to brass tacks, shall we? While it is not unreasonable for any fashionista worth her salt to want to get her hands on an iconic item that has an actual day-to-day pragmatism that most accessories lack, one area where there might be room for improvement is...you guessed it...the price.

The Eye Trunk case will set you back $1,180 for the eye phone 7 and $1,250 for the Plus.