Designer Handbag Organizers

There's no doubt that with just about anything you could possibly think of buying, there will be someone willing to create and market a “must-have” product that goes along with it. After a recent internet search, I was recently reminded of one such item: the purse organizer.

Purse organizers are certainly nothing new, having been on the market most likely as long as the handbags they are meant to accompany. But are they really necessary?

Usually crafted from some type of lightweight nylon or mesh fabric, a purse organizer is generally a boxy insert with multiple compartments and pockets that fits neatly inside a larger handbag, making it easier for you to locate the contents of your purse in a pinch. But do these purported time-saving inserts really work?

The answer to this question most likely depends on the user. While an internet search will leave you with the impression that a purse organizer will undoubtedly change your life for the better in ways you've never imagined (!?), the reality is not as clear. Our astute research tells us that while a purse organizer may initially make the contents of your handbag easier to lay your hands on, it is absolutely essential that the user also take time to replace the contents of the organizer back into the appropriate compartment, lest an even more confounding and annoying problem be created; after two or three trips out, you will have an even harder time finding things that you failed to replace than if you had just thrown them into your organizer-free handbag. So really, if you're thinking about investing in a handbag organizer, take a moment to honestly assess the way you use your handbag. If you are constantly digging around, looking for lost items and don't mind taking an extra 30 seconds replacing things after you've completed a transaction or found that lipstick you wanted, a purse organizer may just be your best friend. However, if you're the type of handbag user who likes to pay and get out (like yours truly), you're probably best leaving your handbag alone.