Designer Handbag Raincoat

You have to admit, even those of us who consider ourselves fairly low-maintenance have thought about it at some point. It's raining, you have your brand-new investment handbag on your arm and that plastic grocery bag in the back of the car looks like a pretty gosh darn good way to minimize the water damage to your beloved handbag. But would you go there?

Thankfully, now you don't have to. The Handbag Raincoat is sweeping the globe, protecting all manners of handbags; from the most expensive Birkin to your most beloved vintage thrift store treasure. The Handbag Raincoat is a simple design; a translucent PVC cover with reinforced trim and a slit for your handbag's handles. It is available in three sizes: mini, medium, and large, and will work with just about any style handbag.

While the concept behind the Handbag Raincoat is certainly not new, the idea seems to be gaining popularity. Undoubtedly, the soaring prices of luxury handbags are the catalyst here; women want to protect their investment and are willing to go to great lengths to do a point. The Handbag Raincoat provides a practical yet finished-looking solution to inclement weather conditions without women having to resort to the old grocery bag trick. The small size of the Handbag Raincoat when folded-up also means that you can always have yours on hand, and never get caught out in a squall, no matter where you might be.

So, to answer the “would you go there” question — yes. Yes we would. And you can “go there” fairly inexpensively too as it turns out. The Handbag Raincoat is available in all three sizes and prices range between $25-$30.