The winter doldrums are likely well and truly a part of your landscape by now; the freezing cold, the dark, flat, lightless days, and the need for several layers of clothing to keep the cold at bay have become as much a part of your daily routine as that first cup (okay, few cups) of coffee. However, just because the weather isn't letting up doesn't mean you can't lift your spirits in other ways. Looking forward to warmer, brighter days? So are we, and as it turns out, handbag designers are ready for us. Looking for a bit of classic, timeless elegance to inspire you to keep plodding your way through until spring? Here are two of our favorite picks from the Spring collections, just in the nick of time.

The Marc Jacobs Surplus Plus Alligator Bag

Marc Jacobs Alligator Bag

This elegant simple bag lets the luxurious alligator skin do the talking for it. A blend of a bucket and hobo bag (the Surplus Plus seems to sway more to the bucket side of things). Tthis bag will definitely hold just about anything you choose to put in it. It's a good thing; we strongly recommend you carry some smelling salts in it— the Surplus Plus is priced at $40,000!

The Coach Top Handle Collection

Coach Spring Preview 2015

These not-yet-available in stores bags are destined to be an instant modern classic. Ranging in a host of colors (with some of the mini versions in metallics, yay!), they boast Coach's signature blend of durability and style. While the price list is not yet available for the Spring 2015 collection, we can count on Coach for bringing us a stylish bag at a price that won't make us reach into our bags for those smelling salts any time soon.