Historically, any and all information surrounding the iconic Hermes Birkin bag has been incredibly hard to come by; everything from pricing to the procedure you have to go to source and purchase a Birkin seems to be a well-guarded mystery known only to a handful of the world's elite.

However, despite all the secrecy, the guessing game of the Birkin pricing structure may finally be decoded, thanks to our friends at the PurseBlog website. They've trolled their handbag forums, and using data that they've gleaned from actual Birkin customers who patronize their pages, have put-together a loose price structure for four of the Birkin bag sizes, in three of the most popular leather choices: Clemence, ToGo, and Epsom. Granted, this information will still not give you any clue as to what a custom-designed limited edition Birkin might set you back, but it may very well at least give you an idea what ballpark you need to be playing in if you want to own one. The last gathered data for their Birkin pricing structure was last updated in July of 2016.

While this relatively obscure information will probably not get most of us any closer to being the proud new owner of a brand new Birkin, it does give you more than a glimpse at the kind of demand that the handbag industry can garner when they come up with a hit handbag that makes it to the venerated status of “icon”.

Size Clemence ToGo Epsom
25cm $9,400.00 $9,400.00 $9,250.00
30cm $10,900.00 $10,900.00 $10,800.00
35cm $11,900.00 $11,900.00 N/A
40cm $13,200.00 $13,200.00 $12,900.00