Prada Made in China

Prada - Made in China

Last time I wrote a post about Louis Vuitton being made in other places other than France. Now, I have stumbled upon the fact that Prada has also been outsourcing their handbag manufacturing. I personally do not own too much Prada merchandise, but I admire their unique styles. Not being a huge fan of Prada, I was still shocked to hear that Prada made their handbags in China. I didn’t believe the rumors until I saw the pictures with my own eyes.

I guess a lot of manufactures are moving their production to China. I heard that the quality control in Asia is very strict; so many times the final products come out a lot nicer than the European factories. Does this make me feel better about paying so much for a handbag made in the Orient? Well, I have to say I need some more time to digest this fact. I would prefer my Prada handbag to be made in its hometown of Italy. However, I also do understand where Prada is coming from by outsourcing their products to Asian manufactures. If the final product comes out better, why not use them?

After all, many top designer handbag companies are also outsourcing their merchandise. If even the top of the top companies are doing this, then there must be some credible reason why.

Is the country of origin important to you?

2 thoughts on “Prada Made in China

  1. jen


    You have good points.

    The quality is still there even thought the costs are less.

    - Jen

  2. Tomm Wayfarer

    There are some questions you may consider:
    1.Why are they so expensive if they are made by the hand most cheap in the world?
    2.What can you expect from the name of the Brand if the production is by series and not artesian? What happens to prices?
    3.Making something in China is not worst for the brand is cheaper.

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